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The Constitution of the United States guarantees every citizen “equal protection under the law.”  But what can the average citizen do to secure their rights when access to the courts costs more than they make in a year? Legal Aid organizations support the indigent, and the wealthy can always afford the $300 or more per hour charged by large litigation law firms. Where does the average citizen turn for help? How can small business owners protect their rights or fight “shakedown” lawsuits? Too often, the unfortunate answer is they don’t. They sacrifice their rights in frustration because they think it’s too expensive to hire competent legal help.


The Northern California Justice Center is the solution.


Experience a new kind of law firm – one that delivers quality, aggressive representation for prices that you can afford. Whether your current problem involves a civil or real estate dispute, an injury caused by someone else, charges leveled against you by the State, or a deadbeat who won’t pay what they rightfully owe, Northern California Justice Center can help.


In many cases, your rights can be forfeited if you delay.  Don’t make that mistake.  Contact us right now so we can help.

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